African Americans During Ww1

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World War I was a major historical conflict that impacted the lives of countless individuals around the world. Among those affected were African Americans. In fact, they, as an ethnic group, have had numerous notable experiences throughout the timeline of the war. These experiences include instances of discrimination, segregation, and identity crises, which African Americans dealt with and eventually suppressed both on the front lines and at home with the use of their newfound knowledge in law and politics, artistic freedom and intellectual independence, as well as military experience and service. In this essay I argue that, despite the obstacles African Americans faced during World War I, both at home and during battle, they still have succeeded…show more content…
For example, there were several radical African Americans who ‘battled’ against racism and segregation through the use of writing literature and nonviolent forms of protest. Perhaps the most remarkable individual involved in the black resistance movement at the time of WWI was WEB Du Bois. Du Bois was a college-educated African American man who wrote works of literature such as the book titled Souls of Black Folk and expressed many of the issues that were experienced by blacks during the early 1900s. Du Bois, in his aforementioned book, discussed a phenomenon known as double consciousness, which stated that African Americans have to stop seeing themselves through the eyes of white Americans and must therefore accept the two parts of themselves. One part of them is American, and the other African. He further explained that they should not lose touch of their identities if they were to be successful in the future. He also encouraged fellow blacks to undertake vocational training as a means of success, in addition to leading campaigns and nonviolent protests against topics such as lynching and the Jim Crow Laws. Finally, Du Bois wanted African Americans to not only use the war to fight for their country, but to also fight for their…show more content…
This Infantry group, which consisted of mainly African Americans, was nicknamed “The Harlem Hellfighters” and “The Black Rattlers” and fought alongside the French in Europe. In September 1918, the 369th Infantry assisted the French Army in liberating the village of Sechault, which was considered to be an important turning point for the war as the location was met with heavy German resistance. Although the infantry experienced severe losses, each of the members were awarded two medals of honor and many ‘Distinguished Service Crosses’ for their dedication and honor in the fight for

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