Lord Of The Flies Ralph Leadership Analysis

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In this world, there are many great leaders. Some of them lead with reasoning and understanding while others show strength. Unfortunately, the strongest usually have a greater influence so people follow them more often. This does not mean that the strongest is always the best choice. William Golding created The Lord of the Flies to show that the everyday crowd will choose the strong leader (Jack) even though the reasoning and understanding leader (Ralph) is the better choice. Ralph was motivated by the idea of being rescued. He knows that a fire is the only way the boys will get rescued, and to keep a fire going there must be order within the group; So Ralph creates rules and a government by making a conch the only way to talk during an assembly. Even when there were only Ralph and Piggy left, the conch was still used; This shows how strongly Ralph believed in order. Ralph knows that he is not better than anyone else and it makes him a better leader. This is shown when Ralph and Simon build the shelters on their own. Ralph’s way of leadership keeps peace and order on…show more content…
At first, Jack believes strongly in rules and order. “We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages"(Golding 32). Since the beginning of the book Jack has always wanted to be chief. When he is appointed head of the hunters, he receives this power and now feels control over the boys and wants more. Later on in the story he leaves Ralph’s group and many of the boys join him later. He appoints himself as chief and makes hunting his main priority. The killing of the pigs and the lack of discipline turns Jack's tribe into savages. Later in the book he makes the savages serve him because he sees himself as superior. Also, after every time a pig is caught, there is a feast, this is fun to all of the savages because they get to eat while they dance and cheer. Unfortunately, it is this disorganization that kills

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