Legacy To National Honor Society

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My Legacy What will I leave behind at East Wake Academy? I have accomplished many things at this school some accomplishments being bigger than the others. I have accomplished keeping high grades, making it on National Honors Society, and keeping a positive attitude. My efforts in these examples I feel will be my legacy. Keeping good grades was a huge accomplishment for me in school. Especially in math class, in which I was never very strong in during middle school. I worked very had in my math classes throughout high school to maintain a good grade and understand the material. During high school I even ended up getting A’s in all these math classes, where in middle school I was lucky to pass my math classes with a low B. In the beginning of high school I was taking regulars math classes and now I’ve been in honors math’s including pre-calc. Also, on top of beating my struggles with math I was able to maintain A’s in all my other classes. So, I feel like this was a memorable accomplishment for those students at my school who have been struggling with any class to just keep trying.…show more content…
NHS has been a great society to help me grow as a person. It has made me become more active in the community and show my fellow students it is an amazing thing to give back to the community. I assisted NHS last year in earning around fourteen hundred dollars last year to give to cancer research. This was a huge accomplishment for us as a school due to us being so small. We also went to Relay for Life last year in Zebulon, which was cool to see how this money we raised goes to actual people to help give them a better life. This, I feel helped students at my school realize that helping others around you is an amazing opportunity and
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