Like Water For Chocolate Moral Analysis

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A family tradition is something to be respected and followed through generations, however one must keep in mind that these traditions should favor both parties and must not prevent anybody from achieving happiness in life. They said mother knows best. But are you willing to follow what your mother likes even if it means sacrificing what you like? Up to what extent are you willing to give up for you to follow your mother’s orders and a family’s old tradition? Tita, the girl from the story “Like Water for Chocolate” is torn in this situation. “Like Water for Chocolate” is a story about love, independence, respect, family and tradition. Tita, the main character in the story, is struggling between choosing to be with the love of her life or following what is expected by others for her to do. An old family…show more content…
The story revolves on how Tita deals with the situation she is in. However, the author used a unique technique in showing what Tita feels and how Tita deals with her emotions and the situation, which is through recipes and food. In the story, Tita’s recipe for a chapter reflects her thoughts and feelings at that moment which is actually unusual for an author to do so. Every chapter has different recipes that say something about the girl’s feelings. This way of the author to express what the main character feels makes the reader think hard, focus on the recipes and read between the lines. It enhances the imagination of the readers to unlock the puzzle within each recipe that will either help the reader understand the story more or foreshadow the upcoming events. An example of a recipe that symbolizes what Tita feels is when she cooked the Quail

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