Criminal Theory Criminology

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Introduction Criminology deals with the laws, their formulation and their violation. It is important to have a scientific approach to analyze the behavior of a criminal. To prevent crime, it has also become important to have information about the prominent places of crime (Rock, 2007). For any given crime, it is not committed with a view to commit it. There has to be some reason or some important factor due to which the offender commits the crime. We need to therefore analyze the case and accordingly, find out the true issue of committing the crime. Researchers have developed various theories, on the basis of which, one can determine the behavior and the approach of the criminal toward the crime. This report will be discussing theories of…show more content…
It is not only useful to judge the case or identify the cause or factor of committing the crime. Many a times laws need to be formulated or modified or changed due to various reasons. It could be because the Criminal Justice System want to change the process of courtroom or the legal authorities want to identify the culprits through an easy process, or because the offenders need to be provided with the solutions of Restorative Justice, if they are found to be mentally retarded. Restorative justice can be looked upon as a process, wherein the respective authorized authorities are trying to establish a balance between different tensions. They are looking out to sort out the issues between the needs of the victims and the rights of the offenders. In addition, they are also balancing between the duty of protecting the people in a given society and the need of the rehabilitate offenders (Walklate, 2003). Hence, before proceeding with any of the case, it is very much necessary to focus upon different parameters. It will include - who is the victim and he has been hurt in the crime, what the causes of committing the crime were, what are the obligations, what the needs of the offenders were, and what was the process or way of committing the crime (Manuel, 2008). Once, all these parameters are identified, the process of restorative justice can thereby be applied. These theories will thereby, turn out to be useful in solving any particular case of
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