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“The hardships that I encountered in the past will help me succeed in the future” was said by Philip Emeagwali. Whenever I see or hear this quote, I relate it to myself. I believe that everything that has happened to me has happened for a reason. To make me the leader I am, to help me become the scholar, to improve my character and to motivate me to lend my service. Those of us who have endured the most, will in the end succeed greater because we have learned more.Using these life lessons, I would be a valuable addition to the National Honor Society. Through my life, I have experienced great hardships that have helped shape the person I am today. These hardships have formed various aspects of my character. One of my character traits is my diligence.…show more content…
A leader must understand how people work and how to properly instruct them. Growing up I have always been called “bossy” and “controlling” because of my initiative to lead. Being a leader is of great importance since we are what keeps everything together. My most memorable leadership role was organizing and leading a group to participate in the Action Against Hunger Food Drive event. Organizing and finding people to come and join my group was one of the most excruciating and exhausting tasks. I asked many and received many rejections, but finally I found a group of dedicated friends. The weeks leading up to the event consisted of preparing all the ladies and gentlemen for the day. When the day arrived, keeping track of everyone while helping proved to be a task I was up for.My role was very demanding because the event was filled with around one hundred volunteers and I was responsible for seven people.During the event, I made sure to instruct each person and to make sure they were all content and working diligently. We ended the event with sweat covering our bodies and a feeling of achievement. Another one of my leadership roles was as the editor for a Blogspot. The blog has five girls who all read and review books for it. My job, as appointed, as editor was picking out the book we were reading for the week or month, reviewing and editing each post the members created, and posting the final posts. I,…show more content…
The first piece would be my positive attitude. A positive attitude is valuable because it affects you and everyone around you for the better. With my positive attitude, I will motivate my fellow NHS members and build on to my advisors’ positivity. I will bring my positive attitude to all of our meetings and services because it will help inspire everyone around me to do their best. Another piece would be my promise to help my fellow classmates and members succeed. I possess a variety of study techniques and knowledge, that I will teach those who need it. As a member of NHS, I will make sure to help anyone who comes to me and asks for help. Also, I will make sure to represent NHS wherever I am. With confidence, I will make sure to remember my five pillars and take them with me wherever I am. Finally, I will bring NHS my story. With my story, I can motivate others to step up and to be the best they can. Displaying integrity and enthusiasm, I can motivate, bring stories and new ideas, and dedicate myself to making NHS the best it can

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