Michael Sandel Doing The Right Thing Analysis

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In “Doing the Right Thing” by, Michael Sandel, he discusses a few different cases. Sandel first discussed the Price Gouging case. In Florida, after experiencing extreme devastation due to natural causes such as hurricanes, they were experiencing extremely high inflation rates. What really caused Floridians to go into an outrage was the fact that these rates inclined for things that were basic necessities like, ice, generators, water, hotels/motels, food, and other things of this nature. This then resulted in a law being passed that implemented a law against price gouging. In his second case, What Wounds Deserve a Purple Heart? He brings up the question of whether the army should administer purple hearts to veterans who had been physically injured, as well as veterans who have suffered psychologically due to having served in the army. It has been argued that it is only for those that have shed actual blood, and that psychological illness such as PTSD or depression show signs of weakness. Also, in The Afghan Goatherds, a difficult topic of whether to kill innocent men in order to prevent them from leading the Taliban to the US army hideout, or to let them be free. Ultimately they were released which led to the death of all our US soldiers at this particular hideout.…show more content…
Just because we have the technological power to use drones to take people/things out, that does not necessarily mean that we should. The main concern being brought up, that while we as a nation may have always killed people with a certain form of ease in the name of war, it has come at a high cost. It is expensive, and not too easy. However, with this drone system it is easier, less expensive, and does not require so much blood shed. This is an area of concern because this may become us as a nation to become much more relaxed when it comes to moral

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