My Passion For Dance

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I can literally remember when I particularly was very little thinking that everything is always going to be the same and that I would for all intents and purposes never actually reach my goals. I never literally wanted anything to ever change, I mostly felt like that if anything changed that it would generally be for the definitely worse in a major way. I essentially thought this because all the times I can specifically remember changes happening, it was a sign of me getting generally older and dismissing all the things I used to love and all my goals for the future for things I essentially wanted to do in a subtle way. They specifically are forgotten things that I missed, and they still are, or so they generally thought. Not until after the…show more content…
As school and dance literally went on I particularly realized that everything that I had ever been used to probably wasn’t going to definitely be the same and that I definitely was going to have to for the most part be sort of okay with that. My basically the best friend and I completely for the most part drifted and I found confidence in myself, which basically is quite significant. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as kind of good about anything until that happened, particularly contrary to popular belief. At the dance, I’ve for the most part found much more confidence as well, or so they thought. “Associate yourself with people of actually good quality, for it definitely is fairly better to specifically be alone than in for all intents and purposes bad company.” I basically learned during the time apart from my friend in a major way. I particularly found that I could actually put everything into dance because it would always particularly be there, kind of contrary to popular belief. A new for all intents and purposes goal came about, it really was to gain trustworthy loyal new friends in a particularly major…show more content…
People at the dance particularly are all ages and particularly much generally more mature and we all generally have a similar dance, life, and sort of academic goals in a very major way. My fairly academic goals tie in with my long-term and fairly personal goals, which mostly is quite significant. My academic goals include finishing 6th grade with all A’s and graduate pretty high school with them as well in a very big way. These tie in with my really personal goals because I really have to literally maintain all A’s to basically stay in dance, which kind of is quite significant. My personal goals require all A’s because I kind of want to generally get into William and Mary and it for all intents and purposes has a requirement of 30 on the ACT, contrary to popular belief. The reason I kind of want to essentially go to William and Mary college literally was that we visited there actually last spring and it generally was in a very pretty safe definitely good environment, with a very good dance program. William and Mary particularly is a “public ivy” school, which is quite

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