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Dance- verb/noun- to move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps or a series of movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music. To most people this is an accurate definition of the word dance in all its forms, only experiencing (or avoiding) it at a high school prom, a wedding, or in a bedroom alone moving in a somewhat rhythmically yet incoherent fashion. However, to me dance was so much more than all of that; it was a place where I could lose myself and find myself again, a release in emotion all in steps accompanied by corresponding music, but most importantly dance gave me omnipresent balance in my life. In particular, I spent hours in the studio perfecting my physical balance on one foot, aiming to get the quintuple turns and the kicks to my nose, but indirectly dance taught me how to balance outside my dance studio. I had learn to adjust my life to dance by completing a pile of homework every night and enjoying my high school years yet focusing keenly on dance. I had a routine, I had balance, I was comfortable- this was the life that dance had molded for me for over 14 years and those 14…show more content…
As a result, I was forced to virtually give up dance in its entirety; feeling as if I had been pushed in the midst of a turn. That being the case, it was now time to adjust dance to my life. I was uncomfortable for the first time in my life. Thinking that all dance could teach me was over, I was defeated, because how could I possibly learn and be better if I was not there in the studio every single night? In reality, this was not the case, the hours I spent at the studio were now becoming involved in different activities, yet never losing sight of dance. In the few moments I had, I cherished all I could, experiencing a feeling I had never experienced before-appreciation. Conversely these moments are what yanked my passion out of

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