Summary Of 'Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina'

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According to Misty Copeland, dance is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle. But for Misty, the opportunity to dance was not just given to her; she had to work for it. Misty’s childhood was faced with many hardships that have ultimately made her a stronger person today. Now Misty feels she is compelled to reiterate the challenging life she once lived. In Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, Misty Copeland uses a variety of sentence structures, figurative language, and overall optimistic tone to express her emotions and provoke the readers effectively. Provoking emotions, also known as ethos, serves a great importance in a well written novel. Misty uses complex sentences to stimulate the readers’ feelings and make them want to continue reading.…show more content…
“Mommy wasn’t there. Neither were my brothers or sisters. Only Cindy” (63). Misty’s word choices of “mommy”, and “brothers and sisters” are her way of trying to present that she was very young at this time. Although Misty doesn’t remember her emotions, she still makes inferences as to what she was feeling. In this sentence Misty is being factual and tries to stress the key idea that only Cindy, her dance instructor, was there for her, by providing short, dry cut sentences to get her point…show more content…
This language is so enticing; it is an extremely easy way to provoke emotions in the reader as well. Misty uses imagery to effectively illustrate what she was feeling and seeing to the reader. “Misty disappears and a mystical creature takes her place, her face dusted with red glitter and painted with dazzling red spirals that shoot from the corner of its eyes. Even my inch-long false lashes are colored red. One of the company’s dressers slicks back my hair into a smooth swirl to better attach my gold and red plume” (6). This is one of Misty’s main and favorite roles, the firebird. This is yet another representation of have far she has come in her dance

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