Aircraft Pressurisation Lab Report

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P 2.3 Investigate the functions, nature and operation of Citation CJ 2+ aircraft pressurization and air conditioning and refrigeration system and their associated status indication system Pressurization Cj 2 aircraft pressurisation system and their status indicators To maintain desired differential pressure airflow is used. Constant airflow is maintained with the help of ECU Environmental Control Unit. Two outflow valves control out flow air. The positioning of the outflow valves are either the Cabin Pressure Controller or the Manual Rate toggle valve controls it. Ground mode ( pre-pressurisation ) It is done to prevent cabin climb bumps during takeoff.Once the throttle is advanced beyond 82.5% N2 nominal ( 24.5 degree TLA ) TLA commands…show more content…
Check Valve 
iii. Pneumatic actuator Compressor Operating principle A gas or air compressor is a mechanical device that increases pressure of the gas by decreasing its volume. And air compressor is a one specific type of gas compressor. They are similar to pipe as both obeys the same principle to increase the pressure on a fluid and both can transport the fluid through pipes. As compressor make use of gas and gasses are compressible so they reduces the volume to increase the pressure. Principle make use of Boyle’s law According to it at constant temp. volume and pressure are inversely proportional. So by decrease or increase in one factor may have a corresponding effect on the other. Types of compressors Basic types of compressors Positive displacement Turbo compressor Their main distinction lies in their method of energy transfer and pressure generation Positive displacement compressor work on the principle of increasing the pressure f a definite volume of air by reducing that volume in an enclosed chamber. Dynamic (turbo) compressor employs rotatory vanes or impellers to impart velocity and pressure to the flow of air being handled. The pressure comes from the dynamic effect such as centrifugal…show more content…
As the disposition of the crank shaft ( i.e cylinder in vertical , in line , horizontal , vee, radial position etc ) BY geometry or cylinder arrangement used to achieve stage compressor viz vertical, horizontal , V-type etc. By compressor drive or prime movers such as diesel engine driven , electrical motor driven , gas/turbine driven etc. By condition of compressed air , viz lubricating oil contaminated air or oil free air By mounting and portability condition viz, portable compressor , stationary or skid mounted. BY cooling medium applied , viz air cooled,water cooled, liquid injected compressor. Check valve In almost every piping system, there is a need for backflow prevention. Most piping systems utilize pumps or compressors to generate needed pressure for movement of line fluids or gases. When rotating equipment stops, flow reversal or backflow occurs. Check valves are used to stop backflow and protect rotating equipment or other mechanical devices from the sudden backflow surges that may occur. To satisfy your

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