College Admissions Essay: The Qualities That Changed My Life

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When I think of the person I am today, when I think about “my story,” and when I think about how little old me could benefit such a large and successful university, I go immediately to the strongest qualities I pride myself in possessing. As I have grown older, I have slowly began to realize that each and every one of these qualities were not taught to me by people, experiences, or just maturity itself, but by a passion. Everyday from around 4:00 PM to the late hours of the night, I am able to be Lynley in the most comfortable way I can be. I am able to share my thoughts and emotions without speaking. I am able to pour this passion from my body with every single move that I make. I fell in love with dance when I was only a little toddler…show more content…
I feel that in everything I do in life I want to do with to the best of my ability, and dare I say, perfectly. In dance, you can never look or appear tired, in every moment you have to be able to captivate your audience. I feel that in life I never have a dull or boring moment, but in every situation I am energetic, happy, and ready to take on what’s in store. Dance takes the power of a bull, but execution of a butterfly. On the inside, I feel that everything I tackle I do totally and forcefully, never giving up. But at the same time, I handle myself with grace and easiness. If you want to succeed in dance, you need a tremendous work ethic. My work ethic in life is something that I do pride myself on every day. I feel that there is no greater feeling in life than accomplishing something that seems out of reach. That is exactly how I felt when I was given the role of Cinderella in the Danscompany of Gainesville’s “Cinderella Ballet.” This role is the highest honor given in my danscompany, and it is something I have been working for since I was very young. The things in life that seem the hardest out of reach only result in the best

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