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I left behind my first footprint when I discovered the initial glimpse of my culture, an intrinsic part of who I am. Ecstatic with a cheeky grin, eager to start my first dance lesson, I clumsily stomped on the studio's laminated floor, as the dust collected on my sole left behind shabby imprints. As the years passed, I would leave many more footprints in theaters during my annual performances, in temples as I immersed myself in my heritage and spiritual awakening, and in my own heart, as I fell in love with the arts of music and dance. Such connection to the arts is an integral aspect of my identity, as it has given me a passion to which I can cling, through which I can express myself boundlessly. I am dynamic; my footprint has grown over the years. I no longer rely on only the arts to express myself and have found that all facets of life have windows of opportunity, through which I can discover myself. Two years ago, I entered the local hospital's neonatal intensive care unit, with the hope of learning…show more content…
Throughout my life, I have adhered strongly to the idea of giving; when I leave behind a footprint, I leave behind a piece of my core, full of dedication and commitment. Precisely a year ago, I set foot in the city's civic center, seeing the community through the eyes of a junior politician. That is when my search to discover myself began; I dealt with situations and people from all walks of life, learning about movements such as Black Lives Matter, avidly contributing to discussions about panhandling and homelessness support, and taking initiative for and executing global community projects as a leader for youth. I discovered, after years of wandering and leaving behind footprints, that my identity lies in my leadership, my method of communication, and my compassion for others; as a student representative for the Human Relations Commission, I saw my footprints accumulate into one

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