Robert Joffrey: Legendary American Dancer

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Phase I: Mini Artistic Biography Robert Joffrey wasn’t only a legendary American dancer but an excellent instructor, choreographer and producer. Acknowledged for his exciting modern ballets and passion to teach young dancers. Joffery was the founder of one of the most prominent international dance companies of all time, The Joffrey ballet. Robert Joffrey was born in Seattle, Washington, and was originally named Abdulla Jaffa Anver Bey Khan. He was the only child of a Poshtun Afgani father and Italian mother. Robert’s parents are said to have been married but no love for one another. He grew up in a household where it was more about business and providing than love and games. Robert being the only child, not having anyone to play with might have influenced his broad imagination. This might have domino effected his highly imaginative and artistic choreography. His parents also owned their own restaurant, he learned very early about hard work and building a foundation. Throughout Robert’s career he networked and built a business of dance. He met and collaborated with other great teachers to break down…show more content…
Soon after he made his first solo debut with the infamous Roland Petit, a prominent French choreographer and his Ballets de Paris. After this debut people quickly realized Joffrey had amazing talent and was a gifted and effective teacher. Joffrey establishing his reputation as a good teacher was the beginning of his road to having his own company. He put in work and accumulated a whopping resume for himself. He served on the faculty of The American Ballet Theater School and High school for Performing Arts. He choreographed two ballets for students at the Performing Arts School. The two ballets warmed the pot being Robert Joffrey’s first group’s repertory, two years later Joffrey had his own company, The Joffrey

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