Disadvantages Of Dance

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The sun was finally setting on the horizon, leaving only a beam of saffron yellow light touching the beach. Wandering along the seashore, she felt the waves softly stroking her feet while the wind was tenderly blowing through her hair. She was silhouetted against the skyline. After a few minutes’ walk, the music faded in. She closed her eyes. She lifted her arms. She spun – round, and round, and round. Raising herself up, her fingers were soaked into the marshmallow-like clouds. The notes flew out through each and every step of her dance and soon enveloped her whole body. That was my first time watching a piece of dance, which was so graceful and breathtaking. I enjoyed watching her soak herself into the music, and into her heart. Since then,…show more content…
The dancers always infected me with their steps – simple, but full of enthusiasm and passion. However, I could not see that in my dance. I remembered the first time I got the chance to dance on stage; the music was submerged by the strong pounding of my heart with a high-paced and erratic beating even though I was standing at the back for the whole piece of dance. One of the disadvantages of corps dance was that one dancer’s small mistake would be easily amplified among a group of people. Every other dancer looked so confident as if the steps were flowing through their veins. I was recalling the steps and gingerly moving my body according to the music. The heat from the lighting burnt my skin and the audience’s gaze was like hundreds of needles punching my each and every body cell. I anxiously wanted to end this performance so that I could escape from the judgment from the audience. As the music was fading and the light was dimming out, I started to tell myself that one day, I would become the lead dancer standing in the spotlight with all my pride and…show more content…
We learnt to control ourselves slightly better while dancing but all of us knew that if that was the best that we could dance, all efforts we have put in for the preparation would be in vain. I had kept worrying about the dance since the last rehearsal ended and as the lead dancer, I felt more stressed-out than everyone else. What if I forgot the steps on the actual day? What if I fall down again on the actual day? What if I was just too nervous and just could not do well? I was standing under the moonlight at the balcony of my room. Suddenly all the bad thoughts flooded into my mind and I burst into tears. Our instructor was standing behind me and she heard me crying. She came to me and hugged me gently. I buried my head into her arms and she did not say anything until I stopped crying. She looked up to the night sky, without cloud but just a sprinkling of

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