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COMPANY PROFILE: Murali Krishna polymers are established in the year 1997. It involves in the operations related to production of plastic bags and flexo printing. The owner of this company is M.S. Muralidhar. He identified the growth in the usage of plastic bags across the country. The idea of starting a firm with manufacturing of plastic bags intrigues him. He found the inappropriate number of plastic producing firms irrespective of its potential market in southern India at that time. As a result of his diversification pattern in starting business at such time, he is able to earn the investment back within few years by attracting the potential market. It was initially started as a partnership firm with 2 partners. Later it has emerged into a private limited company. The resources for attaining capital of the company are 12 lakhs in cash from personal funds and 8 lakhs was taken as loan…show more content…
Use of plastic bags internationally The number of plastic bags used universal has been projected to be on the order of 1 trillion yearly. The use of plastic bags differs histrionically across nations. While the average consumer in China uses only 2 or 3 plastic bags a year, the numbers are much advanced in most other states: Denmark: 4, Ireland: 18, Germany: 65, USA more than300, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia: more than 400. Danger to children Thin conformable plastic bags, particularly dry cleaning bags, have the possible for causing unconsciousness. About 25 children in the United States choke each year due to plastic bags, almost nine out of ten of whom are under the age of one. This has led to volunteer warning labels on some bags which pose a danger to small children. Environmental issues Non-compostable plastic bags can take spans to decompose. In the 2000s, many stores and firms began to use changed types of biodegradable bags to obey with supposed eco-friendly

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