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In retrospect, I had no talent when I started dancing. That fact was especially evident when looking at the environment brimming with talent and passion that I found myself in. Just by observing the people who were supposed to be my peers dance and challenge themselves constantly, it became evident that these were the people who would succeed. I watched friend after friend go on to dance with Janet Jackson, perform in Broadway shows like Hamilton or Bring it On, or win thousands in scholarships to performing arts school or . As a nerdy girl who could barely touch her toes, intimidated is a word that barely conveys the paralyzing fear I felt, but nevertheless underneath that fear, there was indisputable enthusiasm. Dance is something that has perpetually compelled me, even when I was that young, and I longed to be as talented as the people I encountered there.…show more content…
At school, I had always breezed by in my classes and easily found myself in the top of my classes, but when I gave the same effort at dance, I didn’t earn even close to the same rewards. Insecurity consumed me as I struggled in my classes and failed at audition after audition. Each risk I took at dance engendered a greater failure. At that point, I had, without realizing it, started to give up. Consequently, my goals shifted from wanting to improve to simply getting by without being singled out or mocked every time I forgot something in a dance. This fear dictated my dance career until a couple of years later when my dance studio began giving us evaluations. Like report cards, the evaluations gave you a numeric grade on topics relevant to a class and then teachers would leave a little message to you. I opened up one of my evaluations and read “Hard work without confidence goes nowhere” scribbled on the bottom and I promptly bawled. It stung because it was true. My confidence had vanished. I had let fear keep me from reaping the rewards of my

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