My Mexican-American Identity

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Being Mexican-American, my parents are very strict on always reminding me about my Mexican roots, especially since both of them were raised in Mexico. They hate it when my sister and I speak in English around the house, they are always encouraging us how speaking in Spanish around the house will improve our Spanish speaking skills and it will help me obtain a better job, because I will have the skill to be fluent in English and Spanish. My whole life I have had problems with identity, I was identified as a Mexican- American, but I also wondered what makes me Mexican-American. Is it because I am dark- skinned? Is it because I eat Mexican food? What constitutes Mexican food anyway- Taco Bell or Crisostomo burritos? Am I Mexican-American because I go to…show more content…
My parents saw the opportunity for my Mexican roots to strengthen and meet people who are not as economically stable as us. This whole experience has been great. I’ve learned to be more appreciative for the things I have, strengthen my faith and my Mexican roots. Life experiences like these open my eyes and make me realize that being Mexican-American isn’t just an identity it’s a culture, it’s a special life style. I can be speaking Spanish whenever I want and it won’t interfere with my English. Studies show that by the third generation immigrants lose their native language. The cause could be our education system, social beliefs, assimilation, or other reasons. The truth is we are taught a very one-sided view our American history classes, skewed in favor of white Americans and anti-immigrant to boot. It wasn’t until I read in several border and Chicano study books and magazines that I realized how oppressed our people have been. Because of how proud I am being Mexican-American my kids will fully understand Spanish and English also because
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