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When I was little I loved restaurants. The restaurants lead to food, family, and fun. I have now learned to dread restaurants. I know restaurants still lead to food and family, but they also lead to wait-people. Wait-people are not all the same and hardly provide a pleasant experience at a restaurant. The pain of working with wait-people is too much to handle. With many years of going to restaurants I have discovered a system to group wait-people. I have determined that wait-people exist in 3 different categories based on their attitude towards customers. The categories are the Rating Ruth’s, the Apologetic Annie’s, and the Constant Claire's. The Ranting Ruth’s are the wait-people with the worst attitude towards customers. These rude…show more content…
These wait-people apologize too much for problems that are not their doing. I recently had an Apologetic Annie this August. The Apologetic Annie had given my sister and me the wrong drinks. The moment we told the waiter about his mistake he apologized and swapped the drinks. When we ordered our food the waiter apologized again. Of course apologizing is civil and expected, but after 4 apologies the apologies get old. Our food came with more apologies from the waiter. We had obtained at least 6 apologies from the waiter by now. The apologies were getting annoying. I didn't say anything, because I didn't want to be rude. At the end of the night, as I was leaving, the waiter saw me and apologized again. I bid the waiter goodnight, and quickly left. The Apologetic Annie that waited on me has caused me to avoid pointing out drink mistakes at…show more content…
The Constant Claire’s are often the busiest wait-people, because they are loved by the public. The Constant Claire’s are the most common wait-people, and are amazing at their job. My most recent experience with a Constant Claire was with a waitress named Claire at an Olive Garden. She led my family and me to our seats and left to give us time to look at the menu. She came back a minute later to ask my family and me what we would like to drink. She came with our drinks in 2 minutes. She then proceeded by asking us if we were ready to order. We gave her our order and came back with our food in under 20 minutes. After she gave us our food she would walk by our table, refill our drinks, and ask us if we needed anything. As we were leaving she called out "Have a good night and come again soon!" You can find Constant Claire’s at every restaurant you go to. Not all Constant Claires are the same, but they are the closest at being perfect. My latest experience with a Constant Claire has lead me to continuing to go to

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