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The results for my personality test were Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling and Judging. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people. I am practical with a very down to earth attitude. I make values centered and people oriented decisions. I am very organized and prefer to keep a schedule. Being ESFJ, I greatly value my relationship with my best friends. EDFJs are socially active and often extend a helping hand to offer their practical help or advice even when none was asked for. When someone close to me has hurt me from what they’ve said or done, I prefer to keep the resentment and hurt inside rather than confront the situation immediately. Although, I am very committed to the well being of those important to my life, I feel disappointed when people…show more content…
I see myself as a Child Psychologist down the road because of my love for kids. I would like to be described in this role as someone whom a child that needs help can look up to, talk to openly about his/her problems and not be scared. The purpose of my life is to see my parents smile and not have to worry about doing anything to hurt them. Without the help of my parents I wouldn’t be where I am today in life. My family and friends are most important to me and I value them a lot. Next to all this, I want to be there for my family and everyone at home. Parents often encourage you to reach your full potential and while this may have had an impact on your level of ambition, it's important to keep in mind that how high far and how high you go in life is ultimately your choice. This is true, my family supports me in everything I do and help me in getting the best out of myself. But next to all my family support, I also motivate myself and have a lot of ambition. I want to be the best in everything I do, but also accept defeat. An influential person in my life is my best friend, love and soul mate, Mohammad Numan. Mohammad, or “Nomie” has admirable qualities such as helping others in need, respecting, loyalty, and honesty. I know I can always count on him and call him my better

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