An Analysis Of A Riot At The Crank Palace

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A riot broke out at the Crank Palace and the four are forced to flee, barely escaping the oncoming mob of cranks. Once in their berg, Thomas reads Newt’s Note and is filled with despair. The letter reads, "Kill me. If you've ever been my friend, kill me." Thomas now realized why Newt was so upset. Newt had wanted Thomas to kill him at the crank Palace, but Thomas had not yet known that ity was “the right time” to read the letter. After the berg lands, the four are captured by bounty hunters with launchers and guns. Bags are out over their heads and they are driven to an unknown place. Once there, Brenda, thomas, minho, and Jorge over power the bounty hunters. They learn that they work for the right arm. In this complex, they also meet Teresa

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