My Cultural Identity

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Growing up in a traditional Mexican family I had trouble identifying myself. There are times when I just said “I’m Mexican-American” there’s time when I said “I’m a Chicana” or I’m “Latina” but I think it depends to who I’m talking to when I use these terms. I have never really self-express that I’m a Latina/Hispanic only when I’m checking the box when I’m doing an application and I cannot find the box that says “Mexican-American” or “Chicano/a”. But the majority of the time I do say that I’m “Mexican-American” because I’m embracing my Mexican heritage and my American side. I personally believe that politics, society and my culture background has influenced my self-identity. Coming from immigrant parents and being Mexican-American has definitely influenced my cultural practices. Storytelling is probably one the biggest impact in my cultural practices. Growing up I heard stories about myths, legends and folktales that were aim to teach a moral lesson. Stories that have been retold are stories of my parent’s life in Mexico. My parents tell us about the fiestas de la plaza and my mom tells us stories about the santuario…show more content…
Food definitely plays an impact in my identity I love trying new food but I really enjoy traditional Mexican food from pozole, mole, Chile basically anything. Language also is important to me for being able to communicate with family members in Spanish and with my community. Also religion has an impact in my cultural identity especially la Virgen de Guadalupe because not only is she a religious symbol but a culture symbol to me and the traditional events like Dia de los Muertos, las posadas and Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe are traditions that family has still continue to do as a family even though is not the same as before I think having this traditions in my family teaches me the value of culture and
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