Different Faces Of Jesus In The Gospel Of Mark

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Different Faces of Jesus I identify with the Jesus portrayed in the Gospel of Mark. Although I cannot say that I am the messiah or that I can feed 4000 children, I can reflect on myself through the God that Mark has written. In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus was portrayed as a human being instead of a God to show that Jesus has sufferings and stresses like the rest of us. Although I am not a God or even a hero, I can connect to the God that was represented through the writing in the Gospel of Mark in two ways. Jesus was written so that he portrayed a human being or even a suffering servant because Mark was writing to Christians who were suffering under persecution. Jesus is written as a human being when he is a God. Just like the God represented through Mark’s writing, I can be so much more than the “label” people have given me. I am portrayed as another regular girl but I can be so much more. As much as everyone tries to create equality and to not assume things based off of people’s looks or first impressions, I know that everyone is still given a “label”. Everyone has a first impression of a person, although everyone has a different first impression of me I know that I am worth more than the “label” that is given to me. I can not be confined into a one word label…show more content…
Also, often people around me assume that I can’t be good at something because it is one of my weaknesses, but I know that I tried harder I can be more than the person I am portrayed

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