Gloria Anzaldua's Poem 'To Live In The Borderlands'

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“To survive the Borderland You must live sin fronteras Be a crossroads.” ―Gloria Anzaldua, To live in the Borderlands means you This is the last stanza in the poem, To live in the Borderlands means you, by Gloria Anzaldua. Anzaldua portraits how people are treated in the Borderlands throughout the entire poem. And it also implies herself as one of the victims who goes through the progress of trying to figure out her true identity. After being hurt by the fact that neither one of the cultures would accept her as a pure American nor a Mexican, Anzaldua realizes that the only way she can survive in the Borderlands is to accept and admit her identity as a combination of more than one culture. This last stanza is significant to the poem as a whole because it plays a roll as a solution to Anzaldua’s both internal and external conflicts. As a result, Anzaldua decides to “be a crossroads.”…show more content…
I chose this quote because it’s sort of a direction in life path that I’m following right now. The fact that I’m an immigrant has brought several problems to me in terms of social communication. I am not trying to put myself into a particular identity like Anzaldua is, however, I receive the same negative responses from others like she does. As an immigrant, people from my home country would usually regard me as an “American” even though I don’t think it that way. On the other hand, the Americans think that I’m fully Chinese even I’ve been partly integrated into American culture. I’m the one who trying to “be a crossroads,” but it seems like people from both cultures push me to the other side rather than accept me as partly of their

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