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Understanding Mexican culture can be as complicated as understanding the integral workings of the human mind, with its many different facets that make it almost impossible to understand. The encounters between Mexicans and foreigners serve as a gateway in giving a clear and comprehensive understanding of Mexican people. With many writings describing these encounters as quite different than what many would have perceived before reading. These different viewpoints can be seen in “The Maquiladora” by William langewiesche as well as “Amigos Mexicans” by Juan Villoro with both authors using the unbiased eyes of American reporters to narrate and give a journalist view point of the encounters they’ve had with Mexican people. Moreover, Villoro and Langweiesche portray these encounters be less of the reserved and somber experience but as lively and open ones. This open approach can be seen clearly in “The Maquiladora” with Maria Torres, a low class labour organizer and her willingness to share her story with Langweiesche; an American Reporter. Maria went into great detail describing the poor conditions in the…show more content…
But all of us who have come to the north, if we stayed where we were, we would not be dying of hunger, Here on the border we are just slaves”, The word slave kept reappearing throughout Torrez’s conversation with Langweische, which on many levels gives a clear sense of the way Mexicans believe they are viewed by the north. With the south believing greatly in the exploitative motives behind the United State’s every decision, this lead to the vast mistrust of the United Stated. This interpretation however, didn’t apply to Langweische, which says a lot about the way Mexican people view foreigners. However, Langweishche view of Mexicans was completely opposite to what Maria

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