Spanglish Movie Analysis

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Introduction “Global village” is no longer alien to people in the 21st century – a place where all cultures come together and cultural boundaries seem to be blurred. Besides opening new opportunities for people in over the world to learn about foreign cultures, global village probably presents such challenges as cultural conflicts, cultural diverging or assimilation. Thus, learning how to become a competent intercultural communicator in this century has never been more urgent than ever before. Therefore, this essay would like to focus on analyzing “Spanglish” – a cross – cultural movie, which may help you to have some ideas about problems caused by cultural differences and suggestions to resolve those issues. “Spanglish” is about the life of a poor Mexican single woman - Flor and her daughter - Christina in North America. Due to difficult life in their homeland, Flor and her daughter are forced to move to North America as illegal immigrants, hoping to seek a better and brighter life. For six consecutive years, they have a simple, safe and happy life in a distinctive Latin community. After that, however, to find a better job, she starts to venture in the wider world - the “real” American society whose has a mixture different races and ethnic…show more content…
There is no such thing as magic bullet or pat answer for competent intercultural communication. It takes time for everybody to get accustomed to a new environment and to learn how to live peacefully in a foreign culture. The only thing that should be kept in mind is that to survive in an intercultural environment, people should be aware and tolerant of cultural differences and adopt some foreign customs and values and simultaneously try to keep their own unique cultural identity. “Integration without assimilation” is the most deeply meaningful lesson that “Spanglish” give to the

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