Personal Narrative: My Mexican/American Culture

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My Mexican/American Culture “Yo no soy mexicano. Yo no soy gringo. Yo no soy chicano. No soy gringo en USA y mexicano en México. Soy chicano en todas partes. No tengo que asimilarme a nada. Tengo mi propia historia.” ― Carlos Fuentes I've lived in tucson my whole life, But both of my parents from Mexico. This quote explains my culture because i'm in between i'm not full mexican but not full american. My cultural identity is Mexican. I don't like just being Mexican because I was born in the USA and I represent both sides. Theres times where I don't agree with the American people because sometimes they are too harsh about Mexican people. My Mexican/American Culture is really cool because I get to know both sides of these countries. I love both sides of me because I learned how to speak 2 different languages, spanish and english. My first language was spanish because most of my family is Mexican and in order to communicate with them, they teached me spanish. When I started school I didn't know anything but spanish so I would have classes where you only speak spanish and they helped you with engish. I felt so left out because I couldn't talk to anyone because I didn't know english at that time. I can say that I was bilingual at a young age, and it was fun because i…show more content…
So I have been to mostly every part in Mexico. My mom is from Nogales, sonora and my dad is from Mazatlan sinaloa. My mom moved to the United States when she was 5. My dad came here illegally because he wanted a better life for himself. My mom is Mexican/American so she studied here and works here. My dad is Mexican and he studied over there only till 3rd grade because he had to work with his dad in order to take money to the house so they could eat. Some American people are rude about illegal people in the USA, but there are just here for a better life. But is there a better life in the USA? or is the government just all controlling us

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