Carlos Chavez's Impact On Mexican Identity

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After the Mexican Revolution of 1910, Mexico experienced a period of artistic expression known as the Aztec Renaissance. This era led to an increase sense of nationality and promoted a glorification of Mexican Culture. The various art forms emphasized Symbolism and indianism while also using the history of Indian culture as motifs for their art. Firstly what arose was an exploration of the visual arts, which painters such as Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco and David Siqueiros undertook. They were known as Los Tres Grandes and were commissioned by the government to create murals that would define Mexican identity. Not only were visual arts celebrated but musical arts were encouraged as well. Around the same time a Mexican composer named…show more content…
Chavez led the return to roots of music with his composes symphonies that embraced cultural roots that were suppressed by european invaders. He often used indian tunings as well as indigenous indian instruments alongside modern instruments. He composed “Sinfonía India” and it is praised for its combination of indian and modern influences. Chavez was one of the artists who are revered as being responsible for the defining of Mexican Identity in modern times. He is a perfect example of the Aztec Renaissance because of his ability to incorporate components of Indian culture in his music. The final chapter is focused on the american composer Aaron Copland. Copland and Chavez had a close friendship with one another that also impacted their music. Copland is known as one of the early forgers of an American style of music. Copland had traveled to Mexico for the first time with Chavez and immediately fell in love with the land. He describes it as a colorful atmosphere and went on to be inspired to compose a symphony. He composed El Salón México which was inspired by various sheet music he had read when in mexico and the inclusion of this piece in the film is appropriate. It shows that Mexican music had become its own distinct style and this allowed for the combining of American music and Mexican

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