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Rhetoric, tone, language. All these writing techniques are an effective method to persuade the audience. In the nonfictional and persuading editorial of Bumping into Mr. Ravioli, the author, Adam Gopnik, utilizes all these techniques to persuade readers. These writing techniques contribute to the author’s style and explain the purpose and meaning of the text. The author uses these techniques to convey the message: never continue the trend of “busyness”. Along with rhetoric, tone, and diction, Gopnik also presents scientific facts and historical references to strengthen his argument. He refers to the bourgeois life and presents statistical facts from his sister, who is a psychologist. Ultimately, Gopnik’s presentation of his argument is effective. The presentation is effective because he explains his argument thoroughly through…show more content…
Gopnik chose Olivia and Ravioli as the platform for his editorial because this method allows readers to understand the message. Readers would understand the message because they would relate their life to the story of the editorial. Readers would relate their lives and their children’s behavior to Olivia’s behavior. The audience, while relating, would understand how they themselves “bump” into Mr. Ravioli. The audience will also recognize the tone of Gopnik and see similarities between his tone and theirs. In Bumping into Mr. Ravioli, Gopnik asserts, “My daughter Olivia, who just turned three, has an imaginary friend whose name is Charlie Ravioli… he is always too busy to play with her… I was concerned, though, that Charlie Ravioli might also be a sign of some “trauma,” some loneliness in Olivia’s life reflected in imaginary form.” (Gopnik 2). Gopnik believes that imaginary friends are a result of some trauma. This trauma in Olivia was a result of loneliness, according to Gopnik. According to Gopnik and the diction of “trauma”, Olivia was distressed and disturbed by the fact that most of her life

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