How To Change Your Life Essay

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The move that changed my life Well, who likes to move from one place to another place? Well I am not a big fan either. Also moving from one place to another in the city is painful, I realized that when I helped my cousin to move from one apartment to another. I feel it’s too much work such as bag packing, carrying, organizing everything and many other things. Also takes a long time. But it does have an impact on our lifestyle, even if it’s a move in the same city or different state or country. Everyone has some kind of special memories or relationship with that place. Some people move for education or work or some for the new beginning. I actually moved two times in my life. First move was from India to California and another was from California to Ohio. When I…show more content…
This all made me realize that trying out new experiences is nerve wracking. But it does bring changes in our life and maybe it helps us to be the person we are right now. Most of the time it’s worth trying new experiences when you have friends and family supports. For me, my family and friends have always guided me. That’s the reason this move away from my family is not that bad. Also, we often reunite during breaks and technology like FaceTime had helped me to stay connected so, we don’t feel the distance. In Addition, the little changes do help to learn new lessons of life. The only thing I hate about this move is snow and kind of tired of this cold weather especially this winter. But I am really grateful that this move has more positive impact on me and I am even ready to move somewhere else. I am not even worried about it. The only thing I would probably hate will be re-packing and moving things around from one place to another and miss my friends. But I would be taking all the great memories with
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