Trimester One Goals Essay

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Trimester One Goals Tick...tock...tick...tock. Life is like a never ending clock.Each day swiftly passing by as if it were merely a second. To live up to our fullest potential we as human beings need to set goals. This is my first trimester of high school, with this in mind I have many goals to start for the next four years. I’m going to try with every fiber of my being to accomplish my goals.2015 will end in three months along with this trimester and the first step to achieving your goal is to set one. Time is slipping through our finger tips and I don’t want to waste a second of it by not striving to reach my fullest potential, like many people are. Academics are one of the many fundamentals of school. It’s one of the few things kids thing about pertaining to school.I am usually a straight A student. Therefor, I am a lot harder on myself than most students. To stay in the upper ranges of my class I need to set a few goals to help me along the way. For example, I am going to strive to get no less than an A- overall grade wise.To accomplish this I will have to put my all into my school work. Academics a very important to school, and I intend to try my absolute hardest to achieve my goals.…show more content…
Don't get me wrong, I like watching certain sports, I just don't enjoy playing them. Even though I would rather not play sports I still want to be healthy. Therefore, I have to set goals to remind me of where I was and where I am. Volleyball is my favorite sport, it’s one of the few sports I enjoy playing and watching. My goal is to train for beach volleyball this summer. I will do this by staying fit and working out. I may not always enjoy athletics but they help me live a better live in a more positive way and my goals help with

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