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This has been the only class that I have taken that has actually helped me to prepare for my future education in college, which is why I enjoyed it so much! The study strategies that I have learned are helping me in high school and will definitely help me through college when I get there. I feel that I now have all of the vital skills to make it successfully through college, and even a lifelong career. Study strategies has helped me in bettering my study habits, making realistic, specific goals for my academic future, and realizing that education is an opportunity, not just something that I have to wake up early for everyday. When I examined my completed ePortfolio, I saw a significant amount of growth and changes in my study habits. First…show more content…
My main three goals as of now are to graduate high school with a 4.0 GPA, to complete all of my homework accurately and on time, and to get an A on all of my tests and quizzes. Since these are not immediate goals, I cannot make a super specific plan to achieve them, but I can make generalized steps to get closer to achieving them. For my first goal of graduating high school with a 4.0 GPA, I will not be able to achieve it for approximately three years unless I graduate early. In the mean time, I can basically use my other two goals to get closer to this goal. I just need to focus on getting A’s on tests, quizzes, projects, essays, papers, homework, and everyday class work. I will need to use my time management skills and my note-taking skills, especially so that I feel prepared for everything that has to do with school. I know there will be days that I just do not feel well, and I might not get all A’s on those days, but that is fine as long as I make up for it on different days. As for my second goal of completing all of my homework accurately and on time, I will make sure to use a weekly schedule every week in order to organize my days to have more than enough time to do homework, projects, and essays for all of my classes. My time management and goal-setting skills will come in handy for this so that I can make…show more content…
Everything learned in this class is important, but some of it will seem more helpful than other parts of it for many reasons. It might be because certain study strategies are hard, some take up to much time, some do not seem to help much, or just because certain ones are annoying to some people. It takes a while of trying a new study strategy to know if it actually works for you, so do not give up the first time you try it for any reason. After you have tried a study strategy at least three times, and you can clearly tell that it is still not helping much, then you can quit using it and try a different one that might suit your learning style and preferences better. The four study strategies that I found to be the most important and helpful to me academically were making a weekly schedule for time management, learning more about the SQ4R reading system for better annotations, learning all the different choices I have for note-taking and which one works best for me (two-column), and learning the SAVE CRIB FOTO acronym and what it means for better studying that is more personalized than just reading notes. These were the most important and helpful study strategies for me because they are also the ones that I lacked or struggled with at the beginning of this semester. I used to have little to no time management skills and would

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