College Admissions Essay: How Music Changed My Life

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I continued music through high school because I knew high school band will be something I would never give up. I love playing challenging music every day, seeing people everyday who have the same interests as I do. I continued music to challenge myself as a musician, and not just “to get better” but to have something in my everyday life that is both challenging my mind and something that I enjoy no matter what. Music has helped me in high school for many reasons, but the most helpful reason is a stress reliever. As a high school student, I have been stressed, whether because of tests, teachers, homework, or finals. Music gives me a way to eliminate that stress; If I am feeling overwhelmed by school-work, I would turn to music, picking up a musical instrument and playing it…show more content…
I set goals for myself every year, and it felt awesome to achieve those goals, but only with hard work and practice. My expectation was that I would not have to practice, but I learned quickly if I wanted to achieve my goals, practice would have to be something I do daily. My first year in band, my expectations for myself were low, but I began setting goals and practicing, and from then on I continued to raise my expectations for myself. I enjoy music because it is something that comes to me quickly, yet poses a challenge to me every day. I use music as a stress reliever as well, which is extremely helpful finals week. I also met most of my friends today through various music programs, and the music community is full of great, honest and friendly people. Say I quit music before my freshman year. I would miss learning new instruments, because it is the most challenging to learn a new instrument, especially for fun. One of my goals is during my free time after I have practiced, is to learn a new instrument. I would also miss the people in band, because there is nobody who is mean or unhelpful (but sometimes

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