Argumentative Essay On The American Dream

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The American dream…? As far we can remember the American has played an important role in many lives. Whether we believe in it or not, the fact is that many people bought into that dream and took the risk to fly there and achieve the so-called American dream. But before we proceed any further, we may start off with a wide general understanding of what the American dream is. It is simply the ability to obtain a high standard of living conditions in terms of education, housing, a vehicle for every American plainly saying every individual has an opportunity offered only in America because of the economical and governmental ruling system which is offered there only. Historically the term first was used in 1932 by James Adam in his book” The…show more content…
The arguments will be straight points about the possibility of the American dream in more details, is it worth? areas to live in and your mindset these will get discussed in depth with a sense of logic to you the reader and make you see my viewpoints. The possibility of the American is like asking the possibility of dreaming or not being able to dream. This is conclusion is based on my definition of the American dream, I believe in dreams coming true once you decide to turn them into reality, the point is that any dream is possible in America if you want it to because it is your dream and if you want to call that the American dream then do so, I will say it is possible fairly speaking I'm not opposed to the idea of the American dream but it turned into a fuss of wanting this and that, every time the subject of the American dream is brought up nothing often but the materialistic aspects of it is

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