French Honor Society's Accomplishments

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“Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.” is a quote my parents would reiterate to inspire me to dream big and set high expectations for myself. As I was growing up my role model had always been my father. He would always motivate me to do anything I set my mind to, whether it was as basic as trying out for the school sports team to setting bigger goals for my future. My father, a radiologist, was the one I tried to model myself to become. Naturally, I wanted to be “just like him” which is where my interest in medicine, most specifically radiology, came to flourish. As the years went on my interest in medicine continued to consistently grow. While I know my goal will not be easy, I feel my academics…show more content…
I have participated in advanced placement, honors, and now co-enrolled classes ever since the fifth grade. Throughout high school I have taken as many AP classes as possible, leading to doubling up in sciences my junior year. Thanks to my strong determination, I am able to succeed in my academics. My determination is, without a doubt, my strongest trait. No matter how difficult something may be, once I set my mind on accomplishing it I will always find a way to get it done. Due to this, I have been inducted into the French Honor Society, my sophomore year, and the National Honor Society, my junior year. I take great pride in these accomplishments as I thrive to continue to do my best every day. Currently, I am in top seven percent of my class ready to continue to work hard and keep improving whatever way possible. As I continue to college, I know my journey will continue to challenge me on a daily basis. However with determination, responsibility, and discipline I will continue to push myself to achieve my lifetime goal of being a…show more content…
My extra-curricular activities include being on my school basketball team for 3 years, French club for 4 years while serving French Club Vice President, and Key Club for 2 years along with various church and community service activities outside of school. Each of these activities has helped prepare myself throughout my high school career in their own way. The Nederland High School basketball team has helped me improve my skills on interacting with others, consistently meeting new people, and maintaining a level of responsibility while keeping myself in shape. With the ability to already speak fluent Spanish; my immense role in my schools French program has introduced me to yet another diverse culture and language. I take my work in French seriously and am looking forward, if given the opportunity, to continue my French education to the college level. The possibility of potentially being able to fluently speak three different languages would drastically help when the time comes to find job opportunities and interact with new people. French has also helped me establish my first position of power as the French Club Vice President. My position further improves my responsibility and discipline, while also enhancing my ability to speak and present in front of larger crowds. Thanks to two years in Key Club I

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