Physician Assistant Mission Statement

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We all have goals that we hope to fulfill in the future. Whether these goals are short term or long term, they hold a deeper meaning to those who proposed them. These goals can only be reached if you put your work and time into achieving them as well as believing you can accomplish what you want to achieve. Often, people lean toward a guiding factor to help them achieve the goals they have strived to achieve in the future. Marywood’s mission statement and core values are a great guiding factor to help me successfully achieve my main goal for the future, becoming a Physician’s Assistant in five years. For many years now I have had my heart set on pursuing a career in medicine. Throughout my high school years I researched multiple career paths…show more content…
Marywood’s mission statement and core values offer some guidance for me in becoming a Physician’s Assistant in five years. First, Marywood’s mission statement makes at statement about having students make choices based on spiritual and ethical values, this is very important when you follow a career in medicine. In medicine, and the learning of treating patients in the field of medicine, spiritual feelings of a patient are always put first for the best care to be given, which is considered your ethic duty to follow the patient’s wishes. These parts of the mission statement are a guiding factor for anyone studying to become a Physician’s Assistant because it is a very important role in providing the best patient care when doing clinicals as well as direct patient care. Marywood’s core values also have a direct reflection of me reaching my goal. One value, being respect, is very important in the field of medicine. Respect needs to be developed starting in the classroom, you must respect the people who are teaching you, whether in a classroom setting or shadowing a professional, the information you will take with you for your whole career. Not only must you respect those who are teaching you, but you must also respect those who you are caring for, respecting not only their wishes, but also respecting the information they provide you with and keeping it confidential. Lastly, Marywood’s core value of service is also important on the path of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. As a Physician’s Assistant it is your moral obligation to provide service to those in need whatever the circumstance is. As well as providing service to people as a Physician’s Assistant in the sense of a moral obligation I hope to go on a medial mission trip and also provide service to those in need. Marywood’s mission statement and core values help to guide and shape e for the road to becoming a

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