Press Freedom Should Not Bow To Terrorism Essay

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Has terrorism contributed to the decline of the press freedom? The governments are primarily responsible for hampering the press publishing information by abusing anti -terrorism laws, national security to censor information. After the event of September 11 and Afghanistan’s war, US government has enacted laws to censor information published on the press to cool the insecurity among citizens. Recently, the beheading of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto by ISIS and the attack on Charlie Hebdo have sparked much debate about public safety and whether to control media content. After those events, there are considerable discussions whether freedom of the press should bow to terrorism. This paper will discuss about why press freedom should not give in to terrorism and more important, its role in the war against terrorism. Freedom of the press will not bow to terrorists. Freedom of the press is a means to fight terrorism. The media is an education channel to foster the viewpoint that terrorists are criminals and make people aware of the existence of…show more content…
Freedom of the press is a fundamental right of citizens and a cornerstone of democracy. After the event of Charlie Hebdo, US Secretary John Kerry and Japanese PM shared their opinion “The 20th century was defined by the civilized struggle to uphold values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law. We will not be derailed by criminal anarchists who illegitimately claim a religious cause.” said Kerry. People are deserved to voice their opinions and thoughts, challenge stereotype, biasness and to know the truth. Press freedom protects people's right to have the precise information to make informed decisions about their government. Regardless of how poor the press does its job, we still need them. For instance, during election, people are deserved to know the genuine information about candidates in order to vote

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