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The program I chose is named “Happy Camp”, and this is one of the most famous TV show in the China. Happy camp is a variety show produced by Hunan Broadcasting System. It has been aired since July 11 ,1997. Over the past 19 years, it has gain an increasing number of viewers and has won many awards. It is very rarely to see a variety show can air 19 years. This show uses multiple camera to shot in the studio and played every Saturday night at 8:20 pm to 10 pm. At the beginning, the host is Xiang Li and Bing Li. After several reform, in 2007,” Happy Camp” was hosted by “Happy Family” which includes Jiong He, Na Xie, Weijia Li, Xin Wu, Haitao Du until now. Each episode will invite musicians, singer, actors, models or sports players as guest to…show more content…
Unlike other show, the Happy Camp use a totally young production team as a director every episode. Their target audience is younger generation. Because comparing to other generation, younger generation are willing to stay on trend and follow popular culture. What Happy Camp to do is to build a bridge to connect younger generation and popular culture that is why is Happy Camp so famous. They believed young generation will have a better known on young generation. These young production team will have to find what the hottest topic is, what is the popular trends in order to meet audience’s need. For instance, if there is the TV drama causing enormous impact recently, Happy Camp may invite their main actor to attend the show. Each episode will have a different theme linked with what these celebrities are trying to advertise to attract people’s attention. All of the following section will around this theme. If the theme is “Incredible Spy Team”, they invites Song Joong Ki, who play agent in Korea drama “Descendants of the Sun”. From the show starts, it use mission to let audience feel serious. All the MC’s clothes are showing a sense of spy, and all of the following are having a close connection with agent, such as gun (water gun instead), strength, vigorous
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