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I wonder how many Korean movies were translated to our national language had influenced large number of people. Because of its powerful impact to Filipino audiences, I have seen people who tend to across dress of Korean trends, behave like one and adapt their lifestyle. At some point being a Kdrama fan will always have their own style of expressing one's admiration over Kdramas, it may be extreme or not. There is only one question in my mind right now. What is really the reason why fans value more Korean dramas than Filipino Teleserye? One kdrama fanatic is Carol Asis, a B.S.Ed. student who’s a certified kdrama fanatic. According to her, nobody influence her to become a k-drama fan, she began watching k-drama when she was in Grade six. It…show more content…
However, sometimes she noticed herself becoming a Korean in nature – behavior, language and in lifestyle. Instead of “pagmamano”, a Filipino way to respect elders, she tends to bow and greet her parents “Anneoyong Haseoyo”. She deeply grieves when she found out that her “oppa” has a girlfriend, married or even in break-ups. Carol also has a huge Korean dream — to live in Korea, wear hanbok dress (Koreans’ traditional dress) and be marriedto her oppa. Another self-confessed admirer of Korean dramas is Cezel Estoperez, a 21 year old entrepreneur graduate. According to her, it is the social media platforms influenced her to be a Kdrama fanatic. Boys over Flowers and Full House are the Korean dramas that made her enter the kdrama world. She was amazed by how Korean people filmed the story, the script as well, as how they directed the drama caught her attention the most. Cezel also said that she always get annoyed yet thrilled of how Korean drama end each episode and every line makes their viewers relate to it and make them excited yet sad at the same

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