My Experience In Early Childhood Education

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As a Chinese, I got an education in Asia for many years. I remember the first day I went to field placement in Canada, it was the new experience for me. I never saw many kinds of materials in the classroom before. In Chinese traditional classroom, we only have basic materials. Such as chalks, blackboard and projector. We have many rules in the classroom.I went to the best school in the city, sometimes I still be physically punished because I talked too loud or I did not get the best grades. Based on my experiences, Most of education patterns in China are “spoon-feeding”. Children can get good grades, but is not suitable for all the children and also lead to them less imagination and creativity.Based on my field placement experiences,In my opinion,…show more content…
In the progressivism, I believe that use intrinsic motivation, basing activities on the interests of the child is the important part of early childhood education. However, I also believe that use extrinsic motivation could support children’s development, when children struggle with the hard project and feel upset, I think prizes could help children become more confident. According to Dewey(1897, para. 38) he feels that "progress is not in the succession of studies but in the development of new attitudes towards, and new interests in, experience”. I think progress is also the succession of studies, learn and understand the past studies is also very important to our lives. Many great philosophers did lots of research and also provided avantgarde theories. They have worked very hard to help our society become better, take the advantage of their studies, comparing the differences between past and now could help educators to better understand this…show more content…
I believe critical thinking skills could help children learn to handle controversy, recognize multiple perspectives,as well as respect the diversity and culture. I also believe schools should take the lead to reconstruct society in order to create a better world. Schools not only have a responsibility to transmit knowledge, but also they have the mission to transform society, because I think children are the future of the country, education could help the society become more well-organized and equal. According to educational philosophies self assessment, I don’t believe” Teaching the great works of literature is less important than involving students in activities to criticize and shape society.” I think teaching the great work of literature is also important. I believe a quote of Francis bacon that is “Histories make men wise; poets witty; the mathematics subtile; natural philosophy deep; moral grave; logic and rhetoric able to contend. Abeunt studia in morse. “ I believe teach literature could help children develop an independent mind, develop their unique personality and be more

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