Aerodynamic Engineering Assignment

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I was the only person in my family who chose engineering as a discipline of profession. My father is a retired teacher and elder brother is doctor and the other one a forester. Engineering was something really fascinating to me. Since my early childhood, when I had no idea about Engineering and Medical fields, I used to look at things from an engineering point of view like, what this machine does, how it is built how to use it. I even remember during my schooldays, when two jet planes flew over my school buildings. The planes were at such low level that the walls of our school trembled from the loud sound that it produced, and I felt that I saw the pilot and engines. Since then, it drew my attention to the field of aerospace engineering. That…show more content…
Today’s modern automobiles are more efficient than the 20th century cars. The reason of this development is definitely the work on aerodynamic analysis of these vehicles. My Bachelor degree and then my final year project made me to learn these things and how to apply it in practical life. In my final year project, we were assigned a task to design and manufacture an efficient car in terms of both Aerodynamics and Fuel. My research in this task was mainly focused on the design, as I was considered as a design head, to come up with the best aerodynamic design. We went through many designs and we saw how we can bring improvement in designs to make aerodynamically…show more content…
The field of automobiles and the application of aerodynamics in automotive engineering forced me to study it further. An opportunity to learn at Hochschule Esslingen, would provide me the prospect of studying a course which focus on the Engineering of Automotive, along with special attention to research and industrial applications. The reason that I want to study in Hochschule Esslingen is because of its quality education, which focus on the relevant work experience and the facilities available at the campus are amazing. I want to learn more about Automobile and its internal functions is my intimate desire, to work on the elements and structures is my utmost zeal and to materialize my zeal I want to pursue my Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering from Hochschule Esslingen, Germany, as it is a well-reputed institute in the world and also by choosing this institute I can get in touch with the leading Automobile Companies and can do research work related to my field. The industry of Automobile is very developed in Europe and Germany is considered a top class country for its manufacturing of the highest quality Automobiles. Pakistan, which is developing country, is progressing in this field and unfortunately there are no institutions which can provide proper education in this field. So my Master in the field of Automobiles would make me able to contribute something really cardinal for the good of my

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