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Jeni Patel Ms. Taylor ENGL 1301-51004 2 October 2015 One has a meaning to live life when he or she is influenced by an enthusiastic and encouraging person around him or her. One would be lucky and blessed at the same time to be around that person if the person is very close to him or her. Sherman Alexie is one of those lucky people as he describes his personal life experiences in his writing “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me”. After reading his writing, I realized that the story of my life is equivalent to his life, and we both share some qualities. My life tale is equivalent to his life tale in three different ways: inspiration, early exposure experience and cultural background and expectations. Every person has to be inspired…show more content…
Alexie’s background was very motivating and similar to my background. We both belong to India. In Alexie’s family, education was given least importance. Similarly in my family, education was not given much importance. My dad quit his job in electric company and joined farmer because of some problems. During those days in Alexie’s life, Indians had not equal rights to get educations. He faced many challenges in life to become what he is today. Everybody was against him. Likewise, I have also faced many challenges and am facing challenges right now. According to my cultural expectations, I was not allowed to take biology science in eleventh grade. We have to make a choice after tenth grade to take commerce or science. I had a very long debate with my family members on this topic of studying science in my higher education. One of my current challenges is to be able to balance college life and my personal life. Despite of the challenges, Alexie won the heart of people, and he is a famous writer today. In the same manner despite of facing the challenges, I hope that one day I would also be able to succeed like him and become nurse

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