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Clare Vanderpool, the author of Moon Over Manifest, was born in 1964. She was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, home of her maternal grandparents. As a child, Vanderpool grew up with her parents, her brother, and her sister. She tended to read often, even in the strangest places like the dressing room or in church. During her early years, Clare enjoyed reading, yet also liked to play imaginative games with her siblings or look out the window and imagine then. Her and her brother played games like pirates, and she loved listening to her family’s stories. Vanderpool also went on to get a degree from Newman University, also in Wichita. Her degree was in English and Elementary education. After getting a degree, Vanderpool became the author of Moon Over Manifest, and another book called Navigating Early. In her writing, Clare used much of her previous experiences and stories to write interesting novels for many to…show more content…
Much of the concern in the world was for the people in Vietnam, where the Vietnam War was taking place. However, this event has not yet been mentioned in the parts of the book that I have read so far. It may be possible that the current events of her childhood did not really influence her writing. In her book, the main character is trying to find out more about her father’s past, so she travels to Manifest, Kansas to try to learn more. Therefore, the world’s current events in her childhood did not affect the story very much. However, Vanderpool’s writing was influenced by her childhood in a way. She claims that family stories, reading books and newspapers as a child, and visiting places like her hometown. The made up town “Manifest” is also based on a town in Kansas called Frontenac. Living in Wichita for all her life probably also influenced parts of her story, such as the small town setting and the tone of the story. Overall, Vanderpool’s writing seems to be greatly affected by her

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