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The important reason to makes a good and professional early childhood educator is to communicate with children and try to understand them. I did not have any working experience in kindergarten, but I have some experience of taking care of a child due to my mother is a babysitter. The child that my mother takes care is a boy and he’s autism. He is a child that sometimes like lives in his own world and sometimes he is also hyperactive. He likes to sing, dance and write. Besides that, I observed that he don’t know how to tell anyone when he is upset but you will see that his face is very sad. Before that he is a child that really did not like to talk but after he had been take care by my mother for a few months he slowly can answer the question we asked and when he will ask for the things he wanted. The reasons that I want to work with young children is because I love children and I can watch the children in their changes of growth. The important is love is the best education for children. As an early childhood educator we should create a comfortable and meaningful classroom and acquire a significant…show more content…
A comfortable learning environment will let children to learn happily. As an early childhood educator, we need to create learning environment which have quality, developmentally appropriate, child-centered and conducive. According to Friedrich Wilhelm Froebel’s theory, he said that creating a happy and harmonious environment for children is important. Children need an attractive, interesting and enriching learning environment to grow. Every classroom consists of physical and socio-cultural aspects. To develop the learning of children, teachers need to improve the quality of education and produce energetic minds of high-level ability. Things that teacher needs to do is to change the course of traditional classroom setup and encourage conducive and comfortable learning

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