Motivation Theory: The Goal-Setting Theory

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Motivation Theory Humans are creatures of habit, we have mindless repetitive routines that we follow religiously. It what defines us, a human routine element that provides comfortability by the reoccurance of actions. Once an individual has mastered the most difficult concepts of this repetition whether good or bad they will execute this routine effortlessly. With any aspect in life, if you want to accomplish a goal you must lock into certain response patterns and reinforce it until it becomes effective for you. The best way to motivate someone to maximize their potential is to form an operant condition on their environmental factors that contribute to shaping a positive effect. This can only be accomplish when a human set specific goals with clarity, challenge, feedback, and task complexity. The Goal-setting theory to me, is the one motivational theory that requires someone to seek motivation more intrinsically rather than extrinsically. I think this is the best way to motivate as a future administrator, because the goals are appropriate and achievable and is set by the employee. A leader must be able to provide vision, I like…show more content…
The more difficult the goal, the higher the performance standards. If you want low results, set low standards to your goals. Regardless of whether a goal is assigned or set participatevely, the goal must remain challenging at all times. As an adminstrator, I will make goals that are difficult but attainable, so that the desired increment in the performance does not drop. One key factor I would use that's been said to be successful in goal setting is self-efficacy. "This is an internal belief regarding one's job-related capabilities and competencies. If employees have high self-efficacies, they will tend to set higher personal goal under the belief that they are attainable." Goal have to be made within one's capabilities in order to perform at the designated

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