My Experience In Computer Science Engineering

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My first encounter with a computer dates back to my fifth grade; when I was learning LOGO in school. I was enthralled seeing how a simple set of commands can make a machine draw lines and shapes that we desired it to. This sense of exhilaration drove me to delve deeper in knowing the logic behind this magic. It is this feeling, which till date, motivates me to not give up on even the toughest of problems. The supporting curriculum during my 7th grade on computer science had helped me get more fascinated and attracted me towards it. My inquisitive nature and explorative thinking propelled me to take up Computer Science Engineering for my undergraduate studies in a prestigious institution, KCG College of Technology affiliated to Anna University. My undergraduate consisted of courses like Data Structures, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Object oriented programming etc. These courses gave me more insight about computers and programming. During my second year at college, I…show more content…
Your University provides me excellent opportunity as well as dynamic atmosphere which will shape me to be an effective thinker and a fast learner. I observed the flexibility of the curriculum that has been provided; it will give me the broad-based education which will be very helpful to me in widening the scope of my knowledge skills. I bring with me zeal for Computer Science, an enthusiasm for research and a bright, fresh mind with strong desire to learn. It would be an honor for me. If given an opportunity to pursue my graduate studies at your reputable university, I assure you my sincere effort and hard work required to excel. I look forward to being an active member of the student community at your university. It would be a privilege for me to be guided, molded and guarded by the faculty of your esteemed
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