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Introduction: Foreword For many years scientists and professional athletes have recognised aerobic exercise, i.e. long distance runs, jogging, and medium intensity exercise whilst keeping your heart rate at constant rates, as being the optimum exercise to do to boost ones fitness and strength levels. In many of the latest periodicals or articles that have been posted in the internet have a different opinion to what was considered the normal best exercise (aerobic exercise). Many of them indicated that unless you are training for competitive long distance races such as bicycle races or marathons, that aerobic exercise is a waste of time and a bad source of cardiovascular exercise which mainly targets your heart and lung muscles. The best source of Cardio exercise and exercise that helps strengthen your muscles and increase your performance no matter what exercise you do is anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise helps to increase your resistance to lactic acid which helps to keep you going at your maximum level for longer. Anaerobic…show more content…
Anaerobic exercise is high intensity workout that is short lasting in the absence of oxygen. It is called anaerobic exercise as the body’s need for oxygen is a lot higher than the supply of oxygen that is delivered to your body through breathing. The energy that your body gets to perform is not supplied by the air that you take in but rather the energy sources that are stored within your muscles. Exercises that use anaerobic exercise are sprints (running, cycling), weight lifting or any exercise that has to do with short and fast burst of speed and muscle strength output. Some of the athletes predominantly do aerobic exercises because they are training for marathons or long distance bicycle rides doing interval training within their training rides/runs as this is part of anaerobic exercise and will help build muscles that are needed at last minute sprints for the finish line or short

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