Essay On Racism In Trinidad And Tobago

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The responsibility for building a nation lies with its people. However, only few people rise to the occasion. In Trinidad and Tobago, religion and ethnicity influence the way of life for many by guiding their decision and actions. This guidance has undoubtedly motivated several community activists, most of whom have been highlighted within the pages of this book. In spite of the value of their hard work and dedication, it is easy for one to forget the struggles endured by these activists in building a village, a community and a nation. Therefore, there is an inherent need to honour these men and women who have, in some way, inspired their peers and contributed to the development and history Trinidad and Tobago. The stories contained within this book endeavours to highlight these great persons. Books and articles such as The Indian Struggle for Justice and Equality Against Black Racism in Trinidad and Tobago by Hari Prasad Singh (1993) and Racism As a Marginalisation Strategy by…show more content…
In addition to perseverance, the stories underlined in this book suggest that the nation builders of Trinidad and Tobago exhibit courage in the face of adversity. These activists took risks, never losing their vision and eventually achieved their goals. They generated solutions rather than excuses. Despite facing opposition, they demonstrated moral courage in the choices they made, by not only doing things right but by doing the right things. In many instances, they led by example, never fearing to share their vast knowledge with those around them or empower future generations. Their strength in upholding their values and working towards the greater good despite undue pressure, is a true demonstration of their bravery. The story of Wayne Lalchan and his ongoing quest to revive the Seva Sangh, outlined in the proceeding pages, is a true testament to his courage despite the hurdles that currently

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