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Agriculture is the primary employment of majority of rural poor in developing countries of Africa. It also serves as their main source of income and livelihood. Agriculture has been identified as a panacea to the economic quagmire that Nigeria and other countries of the world have found themselves. Basically, the role of agriculture is developmental in nature: it is concerned with strengthening the ability of farmers and farming communities to produce and market agricultural goods in order to sustainably generate both food and income Agulanna et al. (2013). However, there are some barriers to agricultural development, such as lack of access to credit and finance, farming inputs, irrigation and chemicals, vulnerability to pest and diseases, drought, illness and other shocks, poor infrastructure and access to markets. It has been argued that the agricultural sector should lead development in largely agricultural economies since it is critical to human welfare, provision of food, employment, income and assets .While agriculture has made remarkable progress in past decades, not much progress has been made in improving the nutrition and health of poor farmers in developing countries (Asenso-Okyere et al., 2009). Ill heath in the farming community can reduce agricultural…show more content…
The knowledge and understanding of the linkages, interactions and their consequences will be useful in planning development programmes in agriculture, health and nutrition .This research will help in giving timely information to decision makers to initiate assessment and influence the formulation of pertinent holistic agricultural health and nutrition policies and strategies to protect the poor from poverty

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