Importance Of Meaning In Life

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In this essay I will argue in favour of the idea that a strong belief in God, or religion in itself, is a source of meaning in one’s life. I will explore this topic through questioning the many ways meaning can be defined in an individual’s life. I have chosen to use this approach because I believe it is important to understand “there is no facts only interpretation’s” An important question to ask when studying this question is “how does the individual define meaning in their life?” There are several different theories explaining how one finds meaning in their life. One of which suggests you find meaning in life through the acquirement of a higher self esteem through the practice of self control. Control is a “cognitive model whereby people…show more content…
For example, as mentioned in the hope theory, one finds meaning through practicing self control with the hope of attaining a desirable outcome. This is a common theme amongst Christianity, and many other religions. The belief that you must adhere to a strict set of rules and practices in order to attain a desired outcome and avoid negative outcomes. A consistent outcome used is the belief of what will happen to you in the afterlife. In Christianity, the belief of hell and heaven is used to encourage an individual to adhere to Christian values. In the idea of narrative psychology people find meaning through connecting their selves to events through the construction of stories. Religious texts, such as the bible, act as a convenient source of these stories, allowing one to connect themselves to the creation of earth through a higher being. Another way religion is a source of meaning in one’s life is it gives you a group of people who you share beliefs and essential values with. As I had mentioned, those who feel rejected are more likely to report a lower rate of meaningfulness in their own life. Religion is a consistent source of feeling a sense of
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